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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 13, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> cenk: welcome to the. [ ♪ music ♪ ] jamie dimon was at the senate today. he was only taking on by the protesters. >> jamie dimon. taking $4 trillion in u.s. funds. this guy should be going to prison. >> cenk: well, when it came to the senators, he did nothing like the protesters. he basically pampered him. the senators were sickening. we'll get to that in just a bit. then some democrats are in a panic over the obama campaign. >> we want to be reassured that he understands the depth of the problem, and he has the plan to deal with the deterioration of the middle class. >> cenk: well, does he have a plan? he may be in no man's land.
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we will talk about why politically speaking and why he may be in serious trouble in important swing states. and a cafe owner said that she's going to drop an elbow right out of the sky on mitt romney's head. >> you would think obama is here. open your cafe to mitt romney for a decision on friday morning. it leaves you with a bad taste. >> cenk: a bad taste at a cafe, get it? plus he may not even have known what a donut is. we're coming for you, mitt romney. it's go time. [ music ] >> jamie dimon runs jp morgan, one of the largest banks in the world. recently they lost $2 billion, perhaps it was $4 billion, it
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may have been as large as $7 billion, and they're still counting. they asked him up to the senate to answer for these and ask him what are you doing, jamie dimon. the own people who had tough questions for him was the protesters. >> jamie dimon is a crook. taking 4 trillion-dollar in u.s. funds. this guy should be going to prison. [ protesters ] >> cenk: well, all right, so it gets heated up. i'm sure that put the senators in the right mood. for jamie dimon it's do or die die-mon time any way. for instance he's going to come out and quasi apologize let's wash. >> this portfolio did something rather than protect the firm created new and potentially larger risks. as a result, we let a lot of people down and we are very sorry for it. we will not make light of these losses but they should be put into perspective.
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we'll lose some of our shareholders money for that we feel terrible. but no client or tax pair money was impacted by this event. >> cenk: don't worry about a thing. everything is going to be fine. now give us a hedge that make sure we were not taking a risk. it was also the most profitable. he said i didn't authorize it. did i know about it? yes, i know about it. this means you authorized it because you were making a lot of from it because you were taking all that risk. tax pair money jp morgan would never take tax mayor money except for all the times that they did. $25 billion in tarp and $48 billion through federal reserve that they could then charge interest on, get interest-free loans, get free money and then return the money. if i gave you $48 billion and you could charge interest on it, you would also be incredibly
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wealthily like jamie dimon. but him? no no, he says we're not like other bankers. other bangers are bad. we should break them up and disgrace them. the only guy who is going to ask him a question is senator merkly. >> we have to get rid of anything that looks like too big to fail. we have to allow big institutions to fail. it's part of the health of the system we shouldn't prop them up. i think the banks should be dismantled and the names should be buried and disgraced a little old testament justice. >> many conclude if you would have applied that old testament justice in 2008, 2009 jp morgan would have been down and you would have been out of a job. >> cenk: this guy is so cocky. we'll show you the senators, the rest of them were, oh, mr. dimon, how can we help you? he's like, another--no, this hearing is about how you screwed up. if you listen to him, oh my, all
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we care about are our clients. >> at jp morgan, we do believe we're there to serve clients. that's job number one. we do it every day around the world in 2,000 communities around the world. we hope people believe that, and it's in their hearts to do the right thing the right way. we ask them to treat people the way you would treat their friends, their parents. >> it's in their hearts, the bankers at jp morgan to do everything just right, like they're their friends, their buddies, who borrowed $48 billion and then lose $7 billion of it. he concludes by saying this. >> i think no matter how good you are how competent people are, never ever get complacent in risk, challenge everything. >> cenk: no matter how good i am no matter how awesome i am, according to all you guys in the whole media even i could screw up. let that be a warning to you guys. wow, thank you jamie dimon.
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i'm glad you're contrite here. the reason why he's so cocky is because of how the senators treated him. we have a collection of republican senators, and look at how much--these are the guys who are supposed to be grilling him. look at what they did instead. >> you're renown, rightfully so being one of the best ceos in the country for financial institutions, you missed this, it's a blip on the radar screen. >> one of the tensions that we face here is we want to be sure that we are adequately regulating our financial institutions, but we want to be sure also that we basically don't have the regulators running our private sector institutions. and again what should the function of the regulators be? >> i would like to come away from the hearing today with some ideas on what you think we need to do-- >> would you feel better in a closed hearing? or would you not like to divulge things because you still have a position?
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>> cenk: because if you would like a closed hearing, it's oftentimes more comfortable to make out in a private session than public like this. the republican senators have not stuck their tongues far enough down your throat yet. mr. dimon, educate us--no, no, he's the loser who lost $7 billion. you're supposed to be asking him tough questions. so bob corker who started this plaidness in the first place will come around and pretend as if what they did wasn't risky. the real risk would be giving loans to actual americans. >> the biggest risk a bank takes is making loans, is that correct? >> yes. >> that is the largest risk, and you have $700 billion in loans outstanding, is that correct? >> yes. >> it would be so risky to give loans to american businesses. you would be better off with derivative trades that would cost you billions of dollars.
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what a bunch of frauds these republican senators are. corker is not done yet. he'll do one better. he says, can you help us deregulate so you can make more risks. >> there is no way for a regulator to catch this type of activity, do you agree? >> i would look at regulation like continuous improvement always get better, clarity cleaner, but i think you can't--it's hard to have unrealistic expect station when you try to set rules to capture this. >> a banker is always going to be a regulator and you're giving the information that they're using to regulate, it's not really realistic to think that a regulator is going to catch this. >> let's not regulate you at all. let's let you lose all those billions of dollars. and if it's taxpayer money that's what we created the republican party for. to fund all the bankers, you fraud. why are they all acting this way? it may be because jamie dimon is
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paying their bills literally. six senators took $55,000 from jamie dimon, republicans and democrats alike. bob corker, richard shelby, and mike crapo, mark warner, tim johnson and jack reed from the democratic side. look, if someone gave you $55,000 yesterday and said he might give you another $55,000 tomorrow, what kind of questions would you ask? would you grill him? perhaps not. perhaps you would do exactly what these guys did and that's exactly what is wrong with our system. they allow them to buy our democracy. let's bring in kristin crime author of" the lost bank: the biggest bank failure in american history." kristin, is there a problem with our political system when our senators get paid by the bankers they're supposed to be watchdogs for? >> well, i think you could definitely argue that way. i mean it's hard to see how someone can be unbiased when
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someone else is paying their bills, right? >> cenk: well, that is a problem. let's talk about washington mutual. i think it's a good case for what went wrong with the banks. so as quickly as you can give us synopsis of what the core that have problem is. >> so wamu, a friendly bank that grew in the 1990s and pushed through risky mortgages and then ended up the largest bank failure with $307 billion in assets is. >> cenk: if you live to people like jamie dimon and people who used to run washington mutual, they said there was nothing we could do. we were running regular business and the homeowners could not pay us, it was their fault not our fault. >> the tragedy of all of this is of course they knew what was wrong, they saw the crisis coming and they proceeded to
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make these terrible loans. the executives of the wamu were e-mailing about the housing crisis coming and still dove head long into that strategy. >> cenk: i'm sure they were telling investors in public hey watch out, there might be a crash coming. >> of course they weren't. [ laughing ] >> cenk: so they weren't. >> shocking, right? >> cenk: absolutely. but you're going to reassure me at the end that it's okay because they're all in jail for that fraud right? >> oh, they absolutely all of them. nope not a single one of them. you know, i guess i would argue with the fact that it hasn't been for want of investigations. there has been tons of investigations but there is just no law yet against terrible business practices. no one has been able to actually find anything to charge these people on. >> cenk: misleading investigators through fraud. that's the oldest crime in the book when it comes to wall street. >> it sounds like you should have led the investigation.
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>> cenk: i hear ya. maybe the entire current team could have because there is a guy after me named eliot spitzer who knows a thing or two about this. all right kristin grind the book is called "lost bank." thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: when we come back, you know, president obama proposed we would not have any trade deals that to corporations. >> it should not be just good for wall street but main street. the problems are that we've had corporate lobbyists negotiating these trade agreements.
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street. >>the leadership of high finance economists joseph steiglitz, author of "the cost of inequality." up in connection, a look at the group that has the biggest stake and say in that future. miller. >> announcer: there is a tea party in her pants and you're invited. call now, 1-800-steph-12. [music]
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>>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) former two term governor, jennifer granholm, is politically direct on current tv >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. >> cenk: now from time to time i'll get president obama supporters who say cenk, you misunderstood him. you're holding to too tough of a standard. there were two trade deals and i
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want to remind everyone who president obama said in with regards to trade agreements. >> trade agreement should not be good for just wall street but main street. we've had corporate lobbyist, the afcio have not been involved. globalization is creating winners and losers. the problem is it's the same winners and same losers every time. >> it is true that nafta was a mistake. our trade agreements did not have standards that ensured workers in the u.s. were getting getting-- >> cenk: now that was president obama before he became president. he was campaigning. well, now that he's president what has he done? of course he is working on a secret deal with the trans transpacific partnership with eight different asian nations to make sure that they do trade deals where four corporations
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would be allowed to gut our environmental regulations our labor standards or our regulation on life-saving medication food safety, etc. did he bring americans to talk about that? no. he spoke with the the same four corporations and cut deals with them. when an united states senator asked him for details he said no, we can't give this to a senator. they finally led them into a room okay, you can't bring any staffers that have expertise. listen to what senator wyden said. i would point out how insulting it is for them to argue that men's of congress are personally going over to ustr to view the trade documents and adviser at halliburton or the mpaa is given a password that allows them or her to go and view the documents
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any time they want. if you're an u.s. senator you have to beg and plead. and if you work for halliburton have at it. the secret deals are done for your benefit any way. to give a sense of how bad this is, public citizen who is a watchdog had this to say. the tribunals that we would exposed to that would be staffed by private sector lawyers that would rotate between acting as judges and advocates suing the government. that means that the foreign corporation can come in here based on this dale and say i don't like your labor laws. i don't want to pay this much and i want to pull pollute. it's good that i can go to a tribunal packed with guys i paid off, they can make the ruling and you lost u.s. sovereignty and it's the least progressive trade deals you could possibly have all in favor of multi
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national corporations. why, why would a guy who promised to be progressive do this kind of deal? why does every president we have do this kind of deal whether they're republican or democrat. let's bring in somebody who can talk about this. zach carter wrote about this at "huffington post"." we showed you the clip. the guy promised he would not do trade deals like this. he was incredibly specific. why did he go in the office and do it. >> they're conducted in secret, and that makes it difficult for the public to get revved up about this. if you don't have access to the information, it's hard to get people anger about it. sopa and pipa that did not go into law a few months back, people got really outraged when they saw was in the bill. people have to rely on these legally questionable leaks to figure out what is going on. the people who do know what is
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going on are these 600 corporate advisers on these advisory panel who is are getting what they want out of the deal. >> zach, i get that, right. they don't have transparency so they can do these deals there behind the scenes. the second part of that question what is the motivation? why does a guy who claims to be a progressive want to do a terrible deal. why does he want to do a trade deal where this would be able to abuse our environment our labor force, etc. >> it's especially perplexing with obama. they just don't care and they just don't know what is going on they kick it over to the trade negotiators and say go at it. we hire you professionals for a reason. but with obama on the campaign trail he used to be a constitutional lawyer. he gets the sovereignty issues kicking over u.s. authorities to international tribunals is not necessarily a very good idea. and he answered very specifically to questionnaires on the campaign trail that he
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would not do this, the official democratic platform of 2008 said they would not do this. and here it is again. the deals are so complicated and so secretive. when you can do these behind closed doors, even if a company doesn't really give a lot to you, maybe they're giving a lot to mitt romney, if you can do them a favor here behind closed doors, no one is really going to find out. the trouble is of course eventually the documents get leaked and people do find out and 10 or 20 years the u.s. government is losing negotiations on dolphin safe tuna labors or antismoking campaigns, which incidentally just happened. >> cenk: i want the audience to understand something. the system is broken, institutionally corrupt. even a good guy like president obama who comes into office. he wants to do the right thing but he gets pushed and he gets pushed. it's not to excuse president obama but it's to say every guy
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who goes in, every guy who promised change, every one of them when it comes to making secret deals with corporations, where do i sign! where do i sign! they are getting paid by those guys. the conservatives aren't any better. they're even bigger hypocrites. mitt romney said he would sign it quicker than president obama. what about sovereignty. i guess they were full of crap. >> it's interesting. there are actually quite a few conservative groups, tea party groups opposed to these types of trade agreements. ron paul has spoken out against them. they overlap state rights issues because they don't bind u.s. federal laws but bind state and local government laws. conservative who is don't like big government, you know, mitt romney is an interesting character. he really goes after the
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president on trade. he brings up china all the time and says china is not playing fair but he wants more free trade. he's talking about doing the same deal that obama is working right now. >> cenk: of course. look some conservatives on principle, i'm grad to hear that some tea party people are fighting against it, but the majority of the republican party are corporations. that's why they don't give a damn about principles. they get paid for significant anotherring principles. thank you for joining us. >> thank for having me. >> cenk: the democrats are in a panic over obama's campaign. we'll talk about that. >> democrats are sounding the alarm. they're worried that president obama message is tone deaf. >> the president is out of touch with what is happening across america.
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here we are on the "full court and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. desk top, lab top, ipad. iphone. >> pleasant your hearts. >> the big one. >> stephanie: all i know, the little flower is there and it means go to meeting. i love go to meeting.
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be?
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(vo) join the debate now. >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks"." as some democrats are starting to worry that the election might be slipping away from president obama. the president, on the other hand is confident that they're going in the right direction. >> obama: we are in a stronger position. we are moving in a better direction than when i took office. >> cenk: well, but some democratic strategists are concerned that might not be the case. >> i'm worried that the white house and campaign talks about the progress that is being made, people take that as a signal that people think things are fine and people don't feel that or believe that. they want to be assured that he understands the depth of the problem and he has plans to deal with the deterioration of the
4:27 pm
middle class. >> cenk: part of the problem he did not make the structural changes that i think a progressive should have made, that is not to continue to bail out the banks but give relief to homeowners. how do you recover from that when you have the structural problem when you take too much of a right wing stance in the first place. he's campaigning on the idea that his presidency will go forward. mitt romney will attack that whether he has any basis to or not. >> it's the idea of selecting as a campaign slogan forward so absurd the american people are facing really tough circumstances. >> romney: another comment that the private sector is do fine when you see growth of our economy below 2% for the first quarter, and you have about 15% of americans out of work or stop looking for work or under employed. the president is really out of touch with what is happening across america. >> cenk: this is a problem of listening to republicans. if you listen to them and continue to bail out the banks
4:28 pm
and give them favors and cut government spending and spending for the middle class then they turn around and blame you for it. look at that you didn't get good results. that's because he listened to you. but that's what leaves them to be partly tuck in no man's land. it might have work if he had already gotten the money from the business interest for doing them a favor. but he didn't. wall street is giving mitt romney $37.1 million so far. and president obama is getting $4.8 million. 19 donors that gave to president obama the last time around has switched to mitt romney and donating $4.8 million to his campaign now. so you lost the bankers and now you're having trouble telling the middle class that you deliver for them. that's why you're stuck in no man's land and that's why we're seeing bad numbers in swing states for the president. the president still leads in pennsylvania 46-40 the president has lost pennsylvania,
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he's lost the election unquestionably. the fact that he's within six points in pennsylvania is not a good sign. but it only gets worse. in michigan where romney was opposed to the car bailout where there would have been unbelievable unemployment if romney or mccain had been in charge, right now romney leads 46-45. that's a horrible sign. then in wisconsin the president now all of a sudden trailing by three points. 47 to 44. how is that idea not showing up to help the walker recall working out for the obama team. well, if you lose this, we won't be stuck with it and it won't be a problem for us. that did not turn out to be the case. not only is it the case for the poll numbers but the republicans came out and made an ad about him any way. >> to go to his home state of illinois did not bother to show up in wit wisconsin. >> scott walker will be able to keep his job in wisconsin. >> this is a psychological boost
4:30 pm
for the republican party. >> republicans organize at the grassroots level. >> cenk: well, what did we tell you? they were going to blame you either way. you might as well gone in and fought and you would have had your own poll numbers. we'll bring in epic political michael shure. i think he's in a tough spot because it's hard to change your policies that are fairly right wing at this late of juncture and statement he's not getting the money. do you agree with that or do you have reservations? >> i agree with the money. the money is a big part of this. i think it's big part of the way they're planning the campaign. give a big speech in cleveland where he's laying out his vision of the economy versus romney. the frustrating thing for democrats is romney seems such an easy target and the president has not taken advantage of that. but you go to the money you talked about. he's not taking advantage at this early stage because he has to budget his stage. four years ago he was running with the wind.
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he was moving ahead. he was being catapulted with the wind but now he's running against the wind. times are different right now. >> cenk: that's true. and i think his ads hitting romney have been pretty good. i'm a tough critic, but i thought he hit him pretty harvard in massachusetts on his record there number 47 in job creation etc. my question is his message going forward. what is he going to tell the american people saying, well, are you going to change course? are you going to stay the course? why do you think we would get a different result, those are good questions. >> let's look at this in the big picture way. we're still far from the election. there are going to be peaks and valleys. i think the obama campaign is fine having obama peak right now timing things they need to do before going there. i don't buy for a second that it's an enduring money the rasmussen poll, they've been off
4:32 pm
the charts thus far, in the primaries, too. that's not scaring me. what is scaring me right now you're not seeing activity from the obama campaign. to answer your question, yes they're going to have to run on their record that it's better than four years ago. they're going to take to say they're better off? yes, they're better off the changes that we expected from this president haven't all happened. a lot of them have not happened at all. >> cenk: you're right that he has a case to make. saying, since the end of the recession, 4.3 million jobs created. and what happened during the bush years? we lost jobs during the recession. they were terrible. why would you return to that? plus i created 4 million jobs. i get that part of it. but do you think that he could turn around on the banks? he is not getting their money but he has helped them at every turn. >> here's the question. yes he can.
4:33 pm
the yes ask whether or not that is part of their equation, if that's what they think will be necessary to win to turn on the banks. the chicago people the same people who won four years ago that could be part of the problem, there is no one new in that operation. the same people will have to analyze those numbers and say we're--we're not going to go after the banks. we're going to stay our course. >> cenk: this is really interesting, michael. if they get down far enough, and if they're really down in michigan and places like wisconsin, if that's the case, even michigan alone should set off a panic. >> right. >> cenk: late enough into--you say it's early enough, will they get to a point where they go, that's it. all bets are off. we have to viciously go after the banks. that's what the american people want. >> cenk, it's timing. if it's too late, then its desperation. the president doesn't look good desperate. remember george george h. w. bush didn't look good. democrats should panic but it's
4:34 pm
a little early to bannic. it's good that he's telling the people to do it because the campaign is not going to pay attention. >> cenk: i hear you on that. it's a really good analysis. i say it's time now not to panic but to throw the gloves off and say all right you want to give the advantage to mitt romney, let's have at it, hoss. you're right, you should go after the banks. they did rob us blind. when we come back we'll get into mitt romney's campaign and what he's doing right and wrong and can the republican in good conscious say they're looking out for the middle class? how could they possibly make that argument? >> i'm a firefighter. >> i'm a teacher. >> i'm a police officer. >> mitt romney said there should be fewer of me. >> and me. >> and me. [ ♪ music ♪ ] just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen,
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record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. street. >>the leadership of high finance
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and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> stephanie: why am i paying taxes for schools. >> i'd rather have hooligans running through the neighborrish leaving people's lungs on the sidewalk. >> stephanie: this is what comes when you don't have enough teachers. lungs on the sidewalk. that's where it ends. 40 minutes after the hour. he'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: call stephanie now. she's easy. 1-800-steph-12. >> cenk: all right, we're back
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on "the young turks." we're talking about the g.o.p. campaign problems and in order to help me do that we're bringing in craig crawford. a long-final "the young turks" guest. craig, first question i want to ask you about the g.o.p. versus the middle class. can they make a real argument that they're sticking up for the middle class? before i get to that question here, let me set it up for you a little bit. you know, mitt romney wanted to bash president obama for saying that we were heading in the right direction and private sector was doing okay. what did he do? well, he stepped in it. he had this gaffe. >> romney: he wants to know the stimulus. he wants to hire more government workers. he says we need more firemen policemen, teachers. did he not get the message of wisconsin, the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. [applause] >> cenk: well, attacking cops, firefighters and teachers is not usually a good political idea, and immediately now there is an
4:39 pm
ad against mitt romney on this issue. watch. >> i'm a firefighter. >> i'm a teacher. >> i'm a police officer. >> mitt romney says there should be fewer of me. >> and me. >> and me. >> he wants to cut taxes for people like himself by cutting jobs like mine. >> and mine. >> and my job, too. >> jobs that support our families, strength our communities and grow our economy. >> he did the same thing in massachusetts. the community suffered. >> class sizes god larger. >> and there were fewer cops on the street. >> it didn't work then. >> it won't work now. >> you know what we needless of? romney economics. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, these ads are coming quick. so craig what is your sense here? is this really going to hurt mitt romney with the voters, or are there never any consequences for attacking the middle class. >> when i covered politics all these years i remember bob dole
4:40 pm
endlessly attacking teachers in the 9 '96 campaign against bill clinton. republicans get away with this some how. what happens there are voters out there who resent government workers and bureaucrats and so on that they do fall prey. romney's mistake was detailing it. he was doing fine. he was riding high there and then he just jumped right into the gutter with the politically speaking when he specified firefighters and teachers and that was not a good move. but i have always been amazed how they get away with this. >> cenk: let's talk about this. yesterday on the program we talked about how mitt romney lovessed to this pension envy. oh, my god these teachers and cops they're getting too much pension. but if you say maybe the 1% aren't getting taxed enough, oh my god class warfare how could you do this?
4:41 pm
>> right, right. >> cenk: you're right, they do get away with it and there is a new bill that if you take care of elderly in their homes you don't get minimum wage. why? this is a lifeline for democrats. why can't they get this message across to the american people? these guys are not on your side. they're not for the middle class. >> well, i hate to see it, but what are the democrats doing for the middle class? i mean, they do talk a better game, for sure, but when you look at what they're actually doing for the middle class you go back over the years, cenk go back to the reagan era when things like the tax deduction for credit card interest and car loans was eliminated. that was a huge hit. the democrats went right along with it. they jacked up social security taxes. the bailout of the banks $8.5 trillion to bail out banks. what do they do for homeowners in distress? less than $4 billion. that's the problem that i think
4:42 pm
a lot of middle class figured out. they don't think that any one of these parties--i've been here 25 years, and i have not met a middle class lobbyist for the middle class. >> cenk: no, no, craig you're only 1 million% right. this is what we talk about most often on the show. the system is inherently corrupted. if you get paid to do a certain thing that's what you're going to do, and the lobbyists are the ones who determine who is going to win. the one with more money wins 93% of the game. in the congressional races it's 94% of the time. who has the most money both parties will go along. what i can't understand is why they haven't figured out that the republicans have zero percent interest in them. they get mad at obama i'm mad at obama but how could they possibly think that romney is looking out for them? >> one argument that they make that does resonate with middle
4:43 pm
class folks. we're rich. you want to be rich. you want to be with us, you'll become rich. i witnessed a debate between family members recently who are on either side, and at the end of the day one was making a strong argument like you do for republicans aren't for you romney is not for you and the guy said yeah, but he made a lot of money. is that the answer? wow. he made a lot of money. i want to make a lot of money. that argument does work. >> cenk: that's unbelievable. okay, but that is a good answer. that's how they trick people. craig crawford, brilliant as usual. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> cenk: a sad story about how the republicans are actually conducting a war on women. that's what you call it when a woman in the military services has been raped and they deny her an abortion. >> the day that i was rate. >> he hit me in the head and knocked me out.
4:44 pm
>> i remember holding the closet thinking what just happened. [ ♪ music ♪ ] street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching.
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[ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's. >> cenk: luckily for a change we have bipartisan agreement in the senate that our female soldiers should be treated the same way as any federal employees. if raped while in the military, they should have insurance pay for an abortion. now, unfortunately, the house republicans do not agree to that amendment to the national
4:48 pm
defense authorization act. they say that the military should not provide insurance that conversation abortion. female soldiers on average make $18,000 a year. this is the other problem if she can't prove that she was raped, referring to a soldier they will have to look for services off base. congress now for bids women were using their own money to pay for abortions in military health centers unless they're a victim of rape, incest or if their life is at risk. they don't make very much money in the first place. if they have to go off base they might nobody afghanistan. how are they going to get it? if this isn't a war on women what is? these are people serving their country. if they get raped they can't get the services that they need. it's really repulsive. ana is here with more on this story. >> it's a little ironic that the military that is in favor of
4:49 pm
drone strikes is pro-life when it comes to women and abortion. and rape is actually a very big issue within the military. we're getting more and more news about what goes on in the military and how women and men by the way get sexually assaulted or raped and it gets brushed under the rug. there is this incredible documentary done released this year by kirby dick. it's called the invisible war. here is the story of a few women who experienced sexual assault. >> everything changed the day i was raped. >> he hit me in the head and knocked me out. >> i remember holding the closet thinking what just happened. >> a month later i found out i was pregnant. >> if this is happening to me surely i'm not the only one. 16,150 service members were
4:50 pm
assaulted. >> half a million women have been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military. >> they made is very very clear if i said anything, they were going to kill me. >> thankfully these women are fighting back. they have filed a lawsuit against the u.s. military, and the woman representing them is an attorney by the name of susan burke. she recently gave an interview on bill mahr's program and talked about some of the obstacles that these women faced when it comes to getting justice. >> one of the real problems right now the chain of command has the right to let people's allegations get investigated or not. they serve as gatekeepers. we want that eliminated. there should be no gatekeeping between the crime and the police. >> formerly if you were raped in the military you went to your commanding officer who was the guy who raped you in some of the cases or certainly part of that. haven't highway they changed that?
4:51 pm
>> no, they've kicked it a few rung up the ladder. it's not your boss but your boss' boss or your boss' boss' boss. if your rape investigation is shut down by a colonel or a captain, it's still being shut down by a single person. >> look at the way these women--republicans would say are american heroes are being treated in the military. they get raped or sexually assaulted, they don't get justice for it and its brushed under the rug. if they happen to get pregnant assault ofas a result of that rape they don't want the insurance to cover the abortion. >> i don't believe in that you have to be black to talk about black issues or a woman to talk about women issuesish but here are these sick republicans who have no idea what it might be like to be raped. telling these women that you have to carry the rapist's child within you.
4:52 pm
you're serving our country. we're giving you $18,000. good luck giving someone who might give you an abortion in kandahar, but we're not going to pay for it. and then they have the nerve that they're for small government? are you kidding me? i can't imagine if i was a woman and i got raped and they said no, you have to carry that child. i don't know what you mean, war on women. i don't know what you mean by war on women? i'm for women. no your. >> if they get raped and they get pregnant fighting overseas, if they can't prove that they were raped, proving that you've been raped is disastrous enough. but if they can't prove that, then they can't get an abortion at a medical facility that is run by the military. they have to find a way to get an abortion somewhere in iraq or afghanistan, and good luck with that. that's-- >> proving rape takes a long period of time. they say time is up, sorry you can't have an abortion now.
4:53 pm
small government my ass. they love giant government when it comes to invading our lives. the world's worst hypocrites. ana, thank you for the story. eliot, you can tell i'm worked up, but tell what's is going to happen on "viewpoint" next. >> eliot: you're worked up every night why is this night any different than this night. we're going to be screaming and shouting in the way that the senators let jamie dimon off the hook. not a single--well maybe one tough question. we're talking about wall street and why it hates the president. and lori about how the trade treaties being negotiated by the white house may be under cutting workers in this nation. >> cenk: here's what i would have loved you and i asking jamie dimon questions. >> eliot: we can figure out to make sure that can happen. that would be a good time. >> cenk: absolutely. looking forward to "viewpoint" as always. >> eliot: thank you. >> cenk: when we come back we'll line it up a little bit. mitt romney is in a donut gate.
4:54 pm
we'll explain. >> i'm sorry that your favorite cloth got ripped up, wadded up and thrown in the backroom and i took it as a mocking. [music] the airplanes are going to get from one part of the country to the other without any air traffic controllers.
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